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International competitions or preparatory training abroad

Explore the world of competition and training abroad!
Does your school or company take part in international competitions or training courses abroad? We have just the thing for you! Erasmus+ supports young people and their accompanying adults who want to develop their skills in this exciting area of vocational education and training.



Advantages of Erasmus+:
Funding for educational trips abroad
Special support for young people and accompanying persons
Broaden your horizons through international competitions and training
Enrich your educational experience and explore new opportunities!

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Press report HLF Krems - 36th AEHT Conference in Vilnius - Lithuania (2023)

"I sueikata!" (Cheers!) was the message after the arrival of the eight-member delegation of the HLF Krems tourism schools from the 36th AEHT conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.

In typical Lithuanian November weather, the students Pia Bandion, Lena Betz, Lea Gschnitzer, Sophie Elsigan, Filip Nuic & Stefan Kunst, together with their supervising teachers, Clemens Karner & Lukas Zinner, were able to demonstrate their touristic, practical, linguistic and interpersonal skills in the competitions taking place.

Around 400 participants from 108 European tourism schools from 24 nations made their way to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, to take part in the wide-ranging competition. Twelve competitions were held over three days in various disciplines with both practical and theoretical tasks. Our students took part in the competitions Culinary Art, Pastry (both cuisines), Restaurant Service, Wine Service (both services), Strategic Thinking & Tourist Destination (both tourism) in assigned European teams.

The disciplines, which were completed exclusively in English, challenged and enriched our team in all areas. Thanks to the passionate and professional attitude of the entire HLF delegation, four medals were taken home to Krems in addition to the many valuable memories and new international/national friends and acquaintances.


Pia Bandion | Restaurant Service | Bronze 

Dina | Provincial Institute Piva, Belgium


Lena Betz | Tourist Destination | Bronze 

Evy | Go! Next Hotelschool Hasselt, Belgium

Teresa | IPSEOA Girolamo Varnelli, Italy


Filip Nuic | Culinary Art | Silber 

Marta | Ida Virumaa Vocational Education Centre, Estonia

Joep | De Rooi Pannen, Netherlands


Stefan Kunst | Strategic Thinking for tomorrows hospitality | Silber

Klara | Touristicko Ugostiteljska Skola, Kroatien

Anne Marijke | ROC van Amsterdam Department of Hospitality, Niederlande

Without the expert, intensive, and meticulous preparation of the candidates in the weeks leading up to the competitions at the home of the HLF Krems tourism schools, with great support from Petr Kralicek, Thomas Törpel, and Manuel Holzmüller, these successes would not have been possible. In Vilnius, every extra minute was used to achieve the desired performance level in the team. We would also like to thank the competition supporters Birgit Wagner (Director) & Harald Wohlgenannt (Head of Department), as well as the Friends' Association, the Parents' Association & the ERASMUS+ consortium "Young Stryrians GO Europe!".

Summary of the entire HLF delegation - Vilnius, the warmth and professionalism of the organizer and the large AEHT family will be remembered forever!

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