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Praktika und betriebliche Arbeitserfahrungen im Ausland stellen für Ihre Kinder eine einzigartige opportunity. You will benefit from this experience both professionally and privately, expand your professional and social skills and become fit for the European workplace!

The European Union supports you or your child financially to realize the adventure of an internship abroad.

With its "Erasmus+" program, the EU promotes mobility projects and exchange programs. This means that students from vocational secondary schools (BHS), vocational middle schools (BMS), and colleges as well as apprentices can also get a taste of international life for a while as part of their vocational training. As a compulsory internship, additional internship, part of an apprenticeship, alone or in a group - we support several options.



Ewald Hötzl, Bakk.


+43 676 84 17 17 40



Gabrijela Mijić


+43 676 84 17 17 13


The following questions need to be clarified in advance for you or together with your child:

  • Will you allow your underage child to take part in our "Young Styrians GO Europe" project?

  • Will you support your child financially?
    (Please note: EU funding through Erasmus + will not cover 100% of the costs incurred for the journey to and from the host country and the accommodation costs. It is intended as support to enable more VET students to complete an internship abroad).

  • Can you support your child with your experience in administrative matters before the project? (e.g. letter of application and motivation)

  • Can you help your child find accommodation?

  • Can you support your child in organizing and preparing for the trip?

  • Will you support your child during the internship abroad with challenges of any kind on site?

  • Can you support your child in the follow-up and completion of the internship? (e.g. personal transcript/personal performance record, final report, mobility tool report and feedback...)

These questions serve as a small, non-exhaustive checklist to guide you on how you can support your child. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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